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We are looking for new owners!

We are always looking for new owners for our animals at Happy House.
Our cats are very friendly and most of our dogs are well trained.

We always conduct an interview before adoption of our cats and dogs.
We would like to know if they will be treated as a part of your family and taken care of until the very end, no matter what kind of difficulties happen such as moving, sickness, etc.

Thank you for your understanding. ≫ Our Animal Protection System

We have a visiting tour schedule. Come and visit us.
(Please call us and make an appointment beforehand.)

Take a look here first

※Japanese only
We would like to share our activities with you.
Both pet owners and non-pet owners are welcome.
※Japanese only
Frequently Asked Questions concerning animal rehoming process can be found here.
If you have any other questions, contact us anytime.

Japan Animal Trust Happy House Animal Shelter
117 Noma-ohara Nose Toyono, Osaka 563-0131 JAPAN
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