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Our Private Policy

We, certified NPO Japan Animal Trust (animal shelter Happy House), have been active for more than 10 years. We have been trying to enrich the coexistence of humans and animals and we have been opposing to animals losing their lives due to unreasonable human emotions. And all of it was made possible because of your support and word of advice. For those of you who supported what we believe in and trusted us with your personal information, we appreciate the importance of it and has set the below rules.

All of our staff will try our best for better management and hope for more concrete reliance from you.

Provision and Acquirement of Personal Information

When we ask for your information, Japan Animal Trust will clarify the purpose of the acquisition and handle it with appropriate management within the range of that purpose.

Purpose of Acquiring Information

At Japan Animal Trust, we acquire your personal information for the use and services of below purpose

  • (1)To send a notice on our activity reports and events.
  • (2)To ask for your help with our events and surveys.
  • (3)To send a receipt, a letter of thanks and items you have ordered from us.
  • (4)To send documents on our activities and projects when requested.
  • (5)In other circumstances when JAT has to contact you.

Information Management Method

Appropriate measures are constantly taken to prevent an unauthorized access, destruction, loss, falsification and leaking of the personal information. We take appropriate information security measures to act against those threats swiftly and effectively.

Disclosure of the Information

Japan Animal Trust does not provide nor disclose the information given to us to a third party except for the cases below.

  • (1)If a request of a disclosure was made from the person himself or his proxy.*1
  • (2)If a disclosure of the information is essential for the safety of life,
        body or property of the person or a third person and
         getting the consent of the person was difficult.
  • (3)To consign the shipping of printed papers to the traders concerned to
        facilitate our work.*2
  • (4)When a disclosure of the information was required by law.
  • *1 For confirmation, we might ask you for your identification or power of attorney.
  • *2 We enforce rigorous management by selecting traders with
        sufficient protection criteria and by obligating them through contract.

Up-date, Correction and Deletion

Appropriate measures are taken so that your information can be kept accurate and up-to-date. If you wish for a deletion or a release of your information, we do so accordingly after checking that the applicant is the person concerned.


Japan Animal Trust will constantly take measures to manage your information appropriately. In order to do so, the above information may be modified for that cause. In that case, the latest version will be available to you through "Happy House News" (Irregularly issued quarterly) or on our website.

Japan Animal Trust Happy House Animal Shelter
117 Noma-ohara Nose Toyono, Osaka 563-0131 JAPAN
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