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Please support our activities

you can donate online
JAT's activities are supported by generous contributions
from our members and donors.
Any donation made is used for the animals'well-being, i.e. treatment/ vaccination fees, food/personnel expenses,
maintenance costs, etc.

Please give us your helping hand to keep this place running.

Eastern Japan Earthquake Victim Animals Save Fund

Due to the devastating catastrophe of the recent earthquake, we have been receiving donations for the victim animals. We have opened an account for the earthquake victim animals'fund,
and it would be a lot of help if you could donate.
Eastern Japan Earthquake Victim Animals Save Fund
Bank   Kawanishi Seiwadai Branch, Ikeda Senshu Bank
Savings Account 85130
Account Name NPO Japan Animal Trust
Eastern Japan Earthquake Victim Animals Save Fund
Director: Shoko Kai

※Transfer could be made with the account name  "Japan Animal Trust"or"Victim Animals.

※Please let us know about the transfer and your address by e-mail or a phone.


We are always accepting any donations or new members.


At certified NPO JAT Happy House, we are always looking for members
who believes in what we believe.

Currently we have around 450 animals here at Happy House.
To protect those lives, we can only keep this place running with your generous support.

Believing that "All living creatures are created equal", we are doing our work to stop the slaughter disposition of animals.
If you think we are doing the right thing, please support us so that we could save many lives as we can.

With 15,000yen, we could vaccinate/neuter 3 dogs or cats.

Membership Fee
Individual Member 1,500yen per month.
15,000 yen per year.
Corporate Member 15,000yen per month.
150,000yen per year.

To Make a Transfer for Donations and Membership

If you agree with JAT's policies and care to make a donation,
please make a transfer to the below account.
If you wish to become a member, you will be registered after the first payment.

Thank you very much for your support.
P.O. Savings Transfer Account 【P.O. Savings Transfer Account】
Account Number: 00970-2-24204
Account Name : Happy House
Bank 【Ikeda Branch, Mizuho Bank】
Savings Account: 1598508
Account Name: NPO Japan Animal Trust※
【Togo Branch, North Osaka Agricultural Cooperative】
Savings Account: 2426358
Account Name: NPO Japan Animal Trust※
Please write down the purpose of your deposit. (Donation, Membership fee...etc)
※Let us know about the transfer if it was made to an account of either Mizuho Bank or North Osaka Agricultural Cooperative.

If you are as making a membership fee deposit・・・

On the "Postal Automatic Payment Application Form", please write down

①Account Number of Happy House(00970-2-24204)
②Name of Happy House
③Your Postal Account Number
④Your Name
⑤Your Stamp

so the application will be valid.(Withdrawal will be made on the every 5th.)

Please make sure you write down the amount you paid in the note box.

We have postal automatic payment application form here as well.
We would be happy to send you the forms, call us any time.


Japan Animal Trust Happy House Animal Shelter
117 Noma-ohara Nose Toyono, Osaka 563-0131 JAPAN
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