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JAT stands on your support.

Our activities are supported by generous contributions from our members and donors. Any donation made is used for the animals' well-being, i.e. doctor/ vaccination fees, food/personnel expenses, maintenance costs, etc.

Please lend a helping hand to keep our operation running.

≫ We also do face to face fund-raising campaigns mainly in Kansai area.

・List of postal/bank accounts for donations
・We always welcome new members
  who would agree to cooperate on our activities.
Japan Animal Trust is certified by the National Tax Agency. Any donation you make will be tax deductible.
We also do fund-raising campaigns mainly in Kansai area.
We are always facing a shortage of various goods. We are most grateful for your kind support.  (sorry Japanese only)
Japan Animal Trust Happy House Animal Shelter
117 Noma-ohara Nose Toyono, Osaka 563-0131 JAPAN
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