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Happy House is a shelter for lost/unwanted animals.

"Happy House (HH)" is an animal shelter located up in the mountain of Nose-cho, Toyono-gun, Osaka.
In 1990, Ms. Kai, our representative, self-started the first shelter,
and opened an animal clinic later on.
With the increasing number of animals in need, new kennels and other facilities were additionally built on the premise,
and we are currently taking care of more than 550 rescued dogs and cats.
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We are facing a shortage of various goods.
Your kind donation will be very much appreciated.
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Animal Protection System

How the animals find their new owners and its flow.
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Animals arrive at Happy House
  • They check in.
    (We make a file for each of them, stating where they are from, why they are here and other circumstances)
  • We report their details to related agencies including the police and the health care center.
  • If it is determined to be a lost pet, we look for his/her original owner.
  • Dogs will be registered at a public office.
They will be examined at
the Happy House Animal Clinic
by a veterinary.
  • We check whether if a microchip has been inserted on the dog/cat.
  • They will get a health-check.
  • The dogs will be tested for filaria.
  • The cats will be tested for FeLV and FIV after 8 weeks of observation.
  • We vaccinate them with combined vaccine (rabies vaccine as well for the dogs).
  • They will be treated if they are ill, and all of them will be spayed or neutered.
  • After carefully observing their aptitude, our dog trainers train the dogs if needed.
  • They will be accommodated in the best suited kennel according to their character.
  • They look for their new owner.

What the Staffs Do and How They Work

(Left)     He is preparing a meal for over 500 animals.
             The meals differ according to the age and conditions of each animal.
(Middle) Our morning starts with cleaning up the premises.
(Right)   Visitors will check in at the reception. We receive all kinds of consultations here as well.
(Left)      We clean with utmost care for our cats comfort.
(Middle)  Brushing and nail clipping are important as well.
(Right)    While we play with them, we also check their health
              (look how pretty he is with his serious expression!)
(Left)      Making cat litter out of newspapers is also a great time to play with them.
(Middle)  This guy here is doing everything he can to play with the staff.
(Right)    Health check. You can't say you know them well until you could identify all the black cats."
(Left)     All the dogs and cats are examined by our vet once they are brought in.
             (Dogs will also be registered)
(Middle) We clean 500 dishes per day, which is quite a work....
(Right)   Office room for operation of JAT.

This is how the training takes place.

Not only we train our in-house dogs but we also have training classes for outside dogs.
Instead of giving up your dog because of its behavior problem, you can contact us to see if our dog trainer can offer advice to help with the problem.
≫ About Happy Dog Training Club

Information on Visiting Tour

Every Day 14:00
※You can join our facility tour by appointment.
   If you would like a pick-up service at Myoken-guchi station,
   feel free to contact us beforehand.
※The tour starts at 14:00 everyday. Please make sure that you arrive before 14:00.
※The route to JAT is very complicated!
   If you could call us beforehand, we would be happy to send you a map by FAX.
   You could also call us and we would guide you through.
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For Frequently Asked Questions such as
"If we find a cat/dog we like at your shelter, can we take him/her straight home?" :
・・Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions
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Japan Animal Trust Happy House Animal Shelter
117 Noma-ohara Nose Toyono, Osaka 563-0131 JAPAN
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