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we are tha staffs working at JAT!

Let us introduce the staffs running Japan Animal Trust and what we do. We cannot go on without our spirit, strength,
will-power and affection. Everyone gets through their days with the help from our animals!

what is  JAT?

what is  happyhouse?

What we do here at JAT

1.Keeper Team

Dog Group:
They take care of over 250 dogs.
Cleaning the kennel, making their meals, controlling their health and so forth are the things that's keeping them busy.
Taking care of the dogs require a lot of energy! Most of our staff seems to have lost some weight when they start this job.
Some of our female staffs seem to put on some muscles as well.

care of the dog

Cat Group:
They are taking care of over 200 cats.
They clean and wash the cat room and while at it, watch over their health. Careful consideration is essential when you are taking care of a cat.
There are a lot of detailed tasks,
but it is worth it for these lovely cats.

care of the cat


2.Training Team

Not only we train our dogs, but we have training classes and do house call training, too.
We are always trying to help so that when there is a problem with a dog's behavior, it could stay with its family instead of getting abandoned.

3.Reception Team

pet at their new homes They answer visitors and phones, take the visitors around the facility tour, interview candidates for new owners and deliver cats and dogs to their new homes.
Sometimes, people come to them wanting to let go of their pets and that is a very tough thing to encounter.
However, they also bring animals to their new homes and meet the happy family, which is always worth all the trouble.

4.Clinic Team

They do spraying/neutering, simple examinations for outpatients, and treatment and surgery for our animals.

animal clinic

5.Fund-Raising Team

Happy House's activities are supported by generous contributions from our members and donors. We collect contributions on the street to keep this place running.
We go out not only to collect donations but
we hope to let people know about the situations surrounding the animals nowadays and the importance of life.
We take our dogs with us to other events as well.

fund raising campaign

6.Office Work and PR Team

Although its deskwork and rather quiet, this is where accounting and office works take place to keep Happy House running.
They do lectures at schools and other places.

abaut a lecture

Japan Animal Trust Happy House Animal Shelter
117 Noma-ohara Nose Toyono, Osaka 563-0131 JAPAN
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