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Our belief is that all living beings are created equal. We have been striving to seek the way to prevent the abandonment and killing of animals.
It has been a long time since I started this shelter, and I have seen lots of changes throughout Japan. It seems that people's feelings towards lives have become surprisingly vague and distant. This may be a global trend.

At first, I only had to worry about the animals, but now the future of Japan and the World concerns me.


Are our words enough to get through to the children living this era?
Along with the education of our staff, we are trying to teach children
the importance of lives, kindness, compassion and gratitude.

We are looking for an animal protection system that could only be done in Japan.
We believe that we could come up with world's best animal protection system
with our Buddhism background.

To achieve a country of the best animal protection, the most kind and the most responsible,
we are working as hard as we can.

In February 1994, we were certified by the Director General of National Tax Agency
and now operate as a certified NPO.
We would be most grateful if you could give us your understanding and cooperation.

Japan Animal Trust Happy House Animal Shelter
117 Noma-ohara Nose Toyono, Osaka 563-0131 JAPAN
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