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How JAT was Born

In 1990, the founder of JAT, now a certified NPO,
started questioning the morality of euthanasia of animals, and thus self-started an animal shelter,
then called "Happy House Animal Shelter", under the slogan of "No Kill of Animals."
With a pressing need, a veterinary facility and an animal-training division were additionally established,
and the incorporated shelter was renamed "NPO Kai Animal Trust."

Following the introduction of NPO registration system, we were authorized by National Tax Agency in 2004 and renamed "Japan Animal Trust."

Directors Location

1990 Our present representative
self-started "Happy House Animal Shelter".
<The Old Happy House>
*Everything was handmade by everyone.

<Happy House '08>
*With the increasing number of animals, repair work was done to improve safety.

<Current Happy House '10 >

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1998 Happy House Animal Clinic was established, starting to accept veterinary nurse trainees. We also started our "dog training program."
2000 Approved as an incorporated NPO and renamed "Kai Animal Trust".
2003 Started the "Co-Keeping Cats Spay/Neuter Action Program".
2004 Approved as an authorized NPO and renamed "Japan Animal Trust".
2010 Started renovation work. Some of the facilities are still under construction.

For a better coexistence of humans and animals:

Our vision is of a world where all animal are created equal,
and we aim to achieve this vision at/through:

"Happy House " where we take in unwanted and lost pets

"Animal Clinic" where we provide medical
  treatments, vaccinations, and neutering procedures

"Dog Training Program" for enhancing relationships
  between dogs and people

・"Co- Keeping Cat Network" for
  better relationships between stray cats and
  the local residents.

JAT is supported by everyone out there.


We rely entirely on the generosity of our supporters and donations.
Our fund-raising team carries out face-to-face fundraising campaigns and PR activities on the street mainly in Kansai area.
We also have a membership system through which you can support us by making a regular donation.

It demands a lot of energies, time, and effort to save the animals in need, and we cannot thank you enough for your understanding and support.

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Japan Animal Trust Happy House Animal Shelter
117 Noma-ohara Nose Toyono, Osaka 563-0131 JAPAN
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